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Welcome to UGCS 5.0!

UGCS is the student-run computing facility of the California Institute of Technology. Historically, UGCS was an educational facility within the Computer Science Department; the name stands for UnderGraduate Computer Science. We are now independent of the CS department, but we continue to provide computing resources to the Institute's undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. For more information about our past, we have put together a brief history of UGCS.

About UGCS

UGCS is Recruiting! Positions:

  • Linux Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Website Administrator
  • Site Moderator

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For our users, we provide:

For more information about our cluster and how to use its services, please see our User Guide

Contact the sysadmins (ugcs5admins) if you're any service is not working the way it should be, or if you need help accessing your files.


Kyle Seipp:kseipp

Andrew Zhao:azhao

Alex Rasmussen:adr

Tyler Port:tyler274