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Chromium is the user sites server. It serves up user sites with mod_userdir.


Dell Poweredge 1850, dual Xeon 3.2GHz, 6GB RAM, 2x 150GB drives.


  • User sites server

user sites part

We host the user sites on here. In order to stop people from reading other people's secrets from their public_html dirs, we need suexec. This means we arrange everything around mod_cgi for script execution.

got some packages we need for shit

  • apache2-suexec
  • php5-cgi

gotta install the suexec package for sure

We just enable mod userdir and mod suexec, which takes care of most of everything. To make php files run more easier without needing shebangs, since they often don't come with them, we use the instructions here to enable the magic bytes and shit.

we also gotta do this to make it work

cgi.force_redirect = 0

user sql part

just install mariadb on the server

We gotta have it listen on to work, so we allow that in the db config.

We make a service account with access to *.* and grant option, and allow the service account to be accessed from the webserver where we're running the internal site.

The internal site will use that service account to do shit on the server.