UGCS5 Naming

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Naming is important for UGCS in order to ensure that all parts of the system can be referred to unambiguously, documentation is effective, and expansion can be done without friction. UGCS naming conventions will determine the canonical and correct name for all parts of UGCS


All computers (Defined as hardware designed to carry out general purpose computation and storage tasks) that are managed by UGCS that satisfy all the conditions

  1. Has persistent general purpose storage
  2. Operation of the computer is necessary in order to provide services to UGCS users (defined as users stored in the primary UGCS account directory)

must follow the server naming scheme. The server naming scheme is to name each server after an elemental metal (Tallie, Tyler, clarify).

If a server is replaced, and its functionality is entirely taken over by the new server, then the new server will gain the name of the old server. If the old server remains in operation and continues to serve some of its original functionality, then it will keep its name and the new server will have a new name assigned. In documentation, it is encouraged to refer to servers by the service they offer, eg "netboot server" "LDAP server", but documentation on the functionality and configuration of each service will be organized under the name of the physical computer that serves those services.

This convention was chosen somewhat arbitrary but satisfies the requirements we have.

  • Memorable names widely recognizable to most people
  • Approximately arbitrary ordering
  • Large supply of names

Named Components

Components that are not servers but are essential to the operation of UGCS may also be named. Components that are

  1. Operation of the device is necessary in order to provide services to UGCS users
  2. The device has some amount of persistent configuration

These devices should be named after the service they provide, and if multiple are necessary to provide that service, each should be numbered sequentially. The name of these devices is tied to the service they provide, and can be renumbered arbitrarily. For example "shell02" "Ethernet Switch".

Unnamed Components

All other components necessary in order to provide services to UGCS users will be unnamed. They will be referred to by the minimum amount required to distinguish the component physically or logically. For example "Main UPS", "Netboot Switch", "Main Server Rack".

Other Components

Components not essential to providing UGCS servers may be named arbitrarily. If the device is repurposed for essential UGCS tasks, it must be renamed according to the conventions.