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Now that you have a UGCS account, you're probably wondering: What can I do with it? UGCS has a large range of services, some better documented than others. We've broken them down into several different sections so you can see what we have to offer.

Don't have an account? Create one today

More detailed information on the workings of the cluster can be found in our sysadmin documentation

WARNING: Accessing any resources in a way that violates Caltech institute policy, as well as accessing or distributing illegal content is a severe violation of the honor code, and if detected, will result in your UGCS access being permanently revoked.

Forgotten Passwords

Forgotten passwords can be reset automatically with an email confirmation. Please do not email the sysadmins asking for a password reset unless there is a problem with your registered external email address. password reset

Shell Server(s)

UGCS shell servers are provided on These are accessible via ssh.

The shell terminal can also be accessed online.

Available Utilities

File storage

Personal files can be stored in your homedir and are accessible from any shellserver. A maximum of 1GB of files is currently allowed. Files can be accessed from any shellserver, but for faster access, they can be downloaded or uploaded directly from the fileserver. SFTP only is allowed from the fileserver at


User homepage hosting is available at You may upload files via sftp, and files placed in /your_homedir/public_html will be available at A redirect is included on that will redirect to sites. The exact configuration of sites is available on the git site.

Dynamic content is allowed and is run using suEXEC and mod_cgi. php pl and cgi files that are executable will be run as the given user.

  • example.cgi
echo "Content-type: text/html\n\n"
echo Hello World

If you own a personal domain outside of UGCS, and would like it to point to your personal UGCS page, this can be arranged.

Git Site

Available at Allows access via https, but not ssh.

Login with your ugcs username, not email address.




Mail is handled by postfix at Your mail can be accessed via IMAP using most major mail clients, and outgoing mail is also available with SMTP at the same address. Mail can also be accessed on the command line from the shellservers. The maximum mail quota is 500MB, and this is separate from the personal file limit. Mail can be forwarded using a standard .forward file in the root of your home directory.

Aliases can be managed on the UGCS internal site internal.ugcs.

UGCS will not accept incoming mail sent from an ip without a proper PTR and matching A record configured. This may possibly include some (very few) legitimate third party mail servers.

Mail Client Configuration

  • Incoming (IMAP)
Server Name:
Port: 993
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password
  • Outgoing (SMTP)
Server Name:
Port: 587
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password

File Syncing

coming soon


UGCS does not provide any VPN access to the Caltech network. User_Guide/VPN