User Guide/Python

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Python 2.7 is available for use on ugcs shell servers. Pip is enabled, and most common native dependencies are installed so that you may install python packages at your own discretion.

Pip packages may be installed locally into your homedir using the --user command. Keep in mind that these packages will count towards your homedir filesystem quota.

Probably the most common use of python will be Numpy + Matplotlib for academic programming. This configuration is supported and easy to work with on UGCS

To install, just run pip

pip install --user matplotlib

By default, matplotlib will use an interactive GUI backend to display graphs. This can be accessed by using x forwarding if the appropriate software is available on your host machine.

ssh -X

If you want to run headless, use the agg backend in matplotlibrc

backend      : agg

To delete installed pip packages to free up space, just delete the local pip folder rm ~/.local