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UGCS provides VPN servers in various locations around the world for UGCS users to use if needed. UGCS does not provide any VPN access to the Caltech network.

Software Configuration

The UGCS VPN uses the free SoftEther VPN Server, which uses the SoftEther VPN protocol. In order to connect, you will need to install the SoftEther VPN Client software download. In order to connect to the VPN, enter the vpn server into the SoftEther client configuration, and select "RADIUS" for the authentication method.

Some UGCS VPN servers also support access over the L2TP/IPSEC protocol. Depending on the device, it may be possible to connect without installing additional software.

Improving Speed

The default VPN settings may not provide the highest possible speed. We recommend increasing the number of TCP connections allowed in the SoftEther VPN settings.

For some providers it may be possible to improve performance by changing the route the server uses to access your local machine. [1]

VPN Servers

We are currently working to provide a comprehensive selection of VPN servers. Due to restrictions on allowed usage by our hosting providers, some VPN servers can be accessed by request only. Please contact the sysadmins with your desired use case to get access to the additional VPN servers.

Server Location Hosting Provider Bandwidth SoftEther L2TP/IPSec London Feral Hosting (Cogent) Medium yes
coming soon France TBD High yes yes
coming soon Canada TBD High yes
private Virginia Amazon Web Services Low yes yes
private Tokyo Amazon Web Services Low yes yes